Do You Know? Knowing the Meaning of the Logo on Medicine Packaging

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Everyone, if we look at the medicine packaging at home, there is a logo in the form of a colored circle or circle. Well, the logo has a different meaning according to its color. There are at least 7 different logos on various drug packaging. Let’s get to know the meaning of these logos!

Green Logo

If on the packaging there is a green circle logo with a black border, it is a sign of over-the-counter drugs. This means that these drugs are sold freely in the market and can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. For example, common cold cough medicine is sold in drugstores and in convenience stores.

Blue Logo

The logo in the form of a blue circle with a black border is a limited type of over-the-counter drug. A limited group of over-the-counter drugs is types of drugs that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, but there is a warning that reads:

No 1: Watch out! Potent drug. Read the rules for use.

No 2: Watch out! Potent drug. For external use only.

No 3: Watch out! Potent drug. Not to be taken internally.

No 4: Watch out! Potent drug. Only to be burned.

No 5: Watch out! Potent drug. In hemorrhoid medicine, do not swallow.

Red Logo with Letter K

Types of drugs with a logo like this are hard drugs, so their use must be under the supervision of a doctor. This medicine should only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription.

Tree Logo

Drugs with a green logo and a picture of a tree inside are a class of traditional medicine or herbal medicine. This class of drugs is made from natural ingredients such as plants. This drug is sold over the counter and can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

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Logo with Star Image

This type of medicine includes standardized herbal medicine. This logo means traditional medicine that has been processed with high technology.

Snow-like Logo

Drugs with a green circle logo and a snow-like image inside are a class of phytopharmaca drugs. This type of medicine is a traditional medicine derived from natural ingredients with a standardized manufacturing process.

Plus Signed Logo

The drug logo in the form of a red circle and a plus sign is a dangerous drug class and can cause dependence. This drug is not sold over the counter. The use of this drug must use a doctor’s prescription and need to be closely monitored.

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