Do You Know? Various Types of Temperature Gauges

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You are certainly no stranger to thermometers. Yup, a thermometer is a temperature measuring device. Well, it turns out that there are various types and uses of thermometers. Come on, let’s find out!

Body Temperature Meter

There are 2 types of thermometers commonly used to measure body temperature, namely mercury and digital thermometers. A mercury thermometer is a glass tube filled with mercury. How to use it by placing the tip of the thermometer in the armpit. A moment later, the mercury in the tube will rise until it stops at the number point according to our body temperature. A digital thermometer can also be used in the armpit. When body temperature is detected, an alarm will sound and the temperature number will appear on the digital display (LCD).

Well, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, when we go to various public places, including school, we will have our body temperature checked by officers. The thermometer used by the officer is a touchless digital thermometer that uses an electronic heat sensor. The thermometer is pointed at our forehead at a certain distance and in a short time, our body temperature number will appear on the digital screen.

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Room Temperature Meter

Room thermometers are usually used to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures. The form is in the form of a glass tube filled with mercury and there is a digital one.

Room thermometers are usually placed on the wall. The difference between a room thermometer and other thermometers is the scale. Room thermometer scale between -50 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. Generally, room thermometers are used in office workspaces or in laboratories that require a stable room temperature.

Water Temperature Gauge

Water temperature thermometers are usually digital. This thermometer has an easy-to-read digital display. This thermometer is equipped with a special tool made of stainless steel.

Well, to measure the temperature of the water, this thermometer is immersed in water for about one minute. After that, the digital screen will display the temperature number. Usually, water thermometers are used by researchers to measure the temperature of water in rivers, lakes, or chemistry laboratories.

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