Do You Know? Baobab, Giant Tree from Africa

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The baobab tree is unique in shape and has many benefits. This tree is also considered a symbol of life.

Inverted Tree

The baobab tree is a giant tree native to Africa. The diameter of this tree is about 15 meters and the height is more than 30 meters. This tree can live up to 500 years. in fact, some are up to 3000 years old. This baobab tree is a prehistoric tree. It means. This tree has existed since ancient times.

The shape of the baobab tree is very unique. The branches are shaped like roots. When it’s leafless, the baobab tree looks like an upside-down tree. The dry twigs look like roots that are above.

Fruitful After 50 Years

The baobab tree bears fruit when it is 50 years old. Uniquely, the ripe baobab fruit will not fall to the ground. So, it must be picked from the tree. Besides being eaten and made into juice, baobab fruit can also be dried and made into a drink powder.

How to make baobab powder is quite unique. We are just waiting for the baobab to dry on the tree. The inside of the dried baobab fruit will eventually turn into a powder. Oh yes, this baobab powder can last 3 years without preservatives.

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Tree of Life

The baobab tree can live under any circumstances. When it rains, this phon will absorb a lot of water. Then, the water is stored and used to produce fruit in the summer. Because of this ability, Africans regard the baobab tree as the “Tree of Life”.

In addition, the baobab tree is used as a shelter for many animals. Many birds nest in the branches. Baboon monkeys often eat the fruit. Bats drink the nectar juice and pollinate the flowers. Meanwhile, elephants like to eat all parts of the baobab tree.

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