Do You Know? Baseball Plant, the Fruits Can Explode

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The shape is round and striped. At first glance, this plant looks like a baseball. No wonder this plant is called a baseball plant.

  • The baseball plant (Euphorbia obesa) is native to the Great Karoo region, Cape Province, South Africa. It thrives on hillsides or rocky areas surrounded by bushes.
  • Baseball plant 6-15 cm in diameter. Its height can reach 20 cm.
  • Young plants are round, while old plants are cylindrical.
  • This plant is sturdy, the stem is curved. Usually, there are eight curves. The leaf shape is simple and easy to fall off.
  • The baseball plant is green. However, in the wild or in continuous direct sunlight, this plant will turn red and purple.
  • be careful with the sap, yes! The sap of this plant is poisonous.
  • During the dry season, this plant is able to survive. Because it has a lot of water reserves in the trunk. However, the growth of this plant is very slow.
  • In the wild, this plant can camouflage. It is because of its shape and color that this plant is often mistaken for a collection of rocks.
  • This plant reproduces by means of pollination assisted by insects or wind.
  • The fruit is a capsule with a diameter of 7 mm. Each fruit contains 2-3 seeds.
  • When ripe, this fruit can explode until the seeds are thrown away. This seed will become the new baseball plant.
  • Because of its cute shape, many people collect these plants. As a result, the population of this plant is threatened. Therefore, the South African government protected the baseball plant and designated it as an endangered plant.

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