Do You Know? Beautiful Flowers whose Names are a Bit Spooky

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The name of this beautiful flower is a bit scary, bleeding heart. Why is it named like that?

  • When in the bud, the shape of this flower is like a heart with dangling petals resembling a drop of blood. That’s why it’s called the flower of the bleeding heart
  • The bleeding heart flower plant (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) is native to Siberia, Japan, and China.
  • A bleeding heart is a shrub with a height of about 60 – 90 cm.
  • Usually, this plant flowers in the spring, around April – May.
  • The flowers will hang on the flower stalks that grow sideways. One stalk contains 5-20 flowers. Each flower is 2 – 3 cm long.
  • The color of the flowers varies, depending on the type. There are pink, red, and white. This flower will bloom for several weeks.
  • This beautiful flowering plant loves shade and moist soil.
  • Although beautiful, this flower is poisonous. In fact, people with sensitive skin will experience irritation when they touch this plant.
  • There are many legends about the origin of the bleeding heart flower. The most famous is the legend from Japan. It is said that, in ancient times, there was a handsome young man who liked a beautiful girl. He likes to give gifts to the girl. From giving a pair of cute bunnies to fluffy silk sandals. Long story short, when the young man died later, in his grave a plant grew whose flowers were like a heart dripping with blood.

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