Do You Know? Getting to Know the Firefighters

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Firefighters are well-trained and brave troops battling the flames. Even though they are called firefighters, it turns out that their job is not only to extinguish fires. Let’s get to know their noble duties!

Not Just Putting Out Fires

The most important task of firefighters is to prevent fires from occurring. Well, for this prevention task, among others, they provide training to the community on how to prevent fires and how to handle fires.

Firefighters are also tasked with helping people trapped in high places or in collapsed buildings. They also participate in helping rescue disaster victims. In fact, they are also sometimes asked to help catch snakes that enter their homes or eradicate wasp nests that endanger residents. They also sometimes help rescue pets that are trapped or in danger.

Firefighter Clothing

When on duty to extinguish the fire, they must wear special light-colored clothes. The clothes are made of heat-resistant material. On the clothes, there are special stripes that can be seen in the dark.

They must also use gloves, boots, and helmets. In addition to special clothes, they also have other equipment, such as breathing apparatus, axes, and ropes.

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Fire Vehicles

Fire fighting vehicles can be identified by their bright red color and equipped with sirens. There are several types of firefighting vehicles. There are tanker trucks carrying water, there are trucks pumping water from hydrants or water sources such as rivers and lakes. There is also a ladder-carrying truck. Well, a state-of-the-art truck has all that gear. Oh yes, there is also an ambulance equipped with emergency equipment that is part of the fire brigade. Well, if there is a very large fire disaster, all these vehicles will be deployed to the location.

Emergency State

Fire fighting vehicles are included in the category of emergency vehicles. Therefore, the siren will sound loud when this vehicle passes. The goal is to signal that there is an emergency. Other vehicles must pull over to give it away to quickly reach the location of the disaster. Blocking the speed of this emergency vehicle is a traffic violation. Oh yes, this rule applies all over the world.

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