Do You Know? 5 Pouched Animals (Marsupials)

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There are some animals that have pouches. They are commonly called marsupials. The bag serves as a shelter for the children. Let’s get to know 5 pouched animals!


Kangaroos come from the Australian continent. Kangaroos like to live in groups in a grassy environment and close to water sources.

Kangaroo height is about 1-13 meters. It can weigh up to 40 – 200 kg. Kangaroos have a pair of strong hind legs so they can jump long distances at a speed of 20-25 km per hour.

The female kangaroo bag is used as a place to live for her children. The mother will feed and nurse her young in the bag. Kangaroo chicks will be in their mother’s pouch for 11 months or until they can walk. The size of the kangaroo bag can adjust to the size of the child’s body. As the child gets older, the pouch can also enlarge.


Koalas are also marsupials originating from Australia. This koala has thick and soft fur and likes to live in trees. It rarely comes down from the tree. Koalas can sleep for 18 hours a day.

The female koala’s pouch is also in the front for shelter for her cubs. From birth to 5 months of age, baby koalas are always in their mother’s pouch. When the child is getting big, usually the koala will carry his child on its back.


The Quokka originates from Western Australia. The Quokka has a short body shape, wide head, and round ears. Quokkas are herbivores and like to be active at night. The chicks will be in the mother’s pouch for 6 months.

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Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian devil also comes from Australia. These animals include carnivores or meat-eaters. The Tasmanian devil has very sharp and strong nails, jaws and teeth. Unlike kangaroos and koalas, the tasmanian devil’s pouch is facing backwards.


Wombats are marsupials that have 4 short legs. Wombats live in holes they dig using their front teeth and claws.

Wombats also come from Australia. Wombats have rear-facing pouches. The bag is to protect and care for the child until it grows up. After 7 months, the baby wombat can come out of the mother’s pouch.

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