Do You Know? 14 Birthday Celebration Supplies

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Celebrating birthdays is the moment we look forward to the most. However, there are many items that we need to prepare so that birthday celebrations are memorable. What are they?

Invitation cards

After determining the list of guests to be invited, make an invitation card according to the shape and color we want.

Birthday Cake

Order a birthday cake according to the shape and taste we want. Also, preparing birthday candles to blow out candles and cut the cake will be fun.

Food and Snacks

We need to provide food and snacks for guests during the event. Snacks can be cupcakes, chocolates, and ice cream.

Plates and Tablespoons

Plates and tablespoons are required when distributing birthday cakes and food to guests during the event.


Make decorations according to the theme of the birthday party to make it more memorable. For example, the theme of the superhero, princess, or our favorite cartoon character.

Colored Balloons

Birthday parties are less festive without colored balloons. We can use one-color or multi-colored balloons.

Letter Balloons

Letter and number balloon decorations are usually used because of their unique shape and color. These balloons are easy to put on and take off.

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We can use birthday clothes that are the same color as our parents and friends, to make them look compact.

Birthday Hat

There are various models of birthday hats, such as cone hats and motif hats. Usually, the model and color of the hat are adjusted to the birthday theme.


Trumpets can make a birthday party even more festive. We can also use mini whistles. We and our friends can blow it out after the candle-blowing event.


A pinata is a paper doll filled with candy or a toy for guests.


Banners are usually displayed to make the birthday event more interesting. The banners can contain sentences, photos, pictures, or our favorite toys.


Guests who attend will be happy if they get souvenirs. We need to prepare souvenirs, which can be in the form of snacks or goods.

Photo Booth

To capture the event, we can make a photo booth as a place to take pictures. We can decorate the room for the photo booth with cardboard, balloons, ribbons, and other items.

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