Do You Know? 5 Animals that can Predict the Weather

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Some animals behave unusually whenever there will be rain, storms, or earthquakes. Their behavior is often used as a sign to predict the occurrence of weather changes.


Elephants can hear thunderstorms hundreds of meters away. The sound of this storm is very low frequency. Elephants can also feel earthquake vibrations through their large feet. If there will be a storm or earthquake, usually the elephant will immediately run to a safer place.


When birds fly high, it means the weather will be good. If they start to fly lower, it’s a sign of bad weather to come. When there is a storm, the air pressure in the atmosphere will drop. As air pressure drops, the air becomes “heavier”. As a result, it becomes difficult for birds to fly high.


Cows will be restless, panicked, and will often wag their tails when it is about to rain. Cows will also lie on the ground when it will rain or in cold weather. On the other hand, cows will stand longer in hot weather. By standing up, the cow can lower its hot body temperature more quickly.

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Have you ever heard the sound of a frog? If the frog’s sound is longer and louder than usual, it’s a sign that it’s going to rain.

Honey Bee

Honey bees can sense changes in pressure in the atmosphere. Usually, a few days before the storm comes, honey bees will be more busy looking for nectar on flowers.

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