Do You Know? Jobs in Fairy Tales

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Some characters in the fairy tale world also have jobs like in the real world. What jobs are in fairy tales?

King and Queen

Figures of kings and queens often appear in fairy tales around the world, both European, Asian, African, and Indonesian fairy tales. In this story with a royal background, there are usually other characters associated with the king, such as the empress, crown prince, prince, princess, and royal guard.

King Arthur of England and Queen Elsa of Arendelle in Frozen is one of the famous kings and queens in fairy tales.

Trader or Merchant

Jobs as traders have been around for centuries. No wonder this work is also in fairy tales. Traders or merchant figures are generally told to have a lot of wealth.

The tale of a greedy merchant from Tibet, a merchant and a jinn in the 1001 Nights Story is a story where the character is a merchant by profession.

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Many human lives thrive near water, be it seas, lakes, or rivers. There are also many fairy tales set in life near the water. The characters make a living as fishermen.

The legend of the formation of Lake Toba from Sumatra and the tale of a fisherman who catches a talking fish from Europe, are examples of fairy tales where the characters work as fishermen.


Characters whose jobs as farmers are in fairy tales from areas where most of the population also work as farmers. The story of a deer who likes to disturb farmers’ crops and the story of a corn farmer who asks for rain in American Indian tales are a few of the fairy tales whose characters are farmers.

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