Do You Know? Guinea Pig, Adorable Little One

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This animal’s name is the guinea pig. It is a small rodent with a cute and adorable face.

  • Despite the name guinea pig, this animal has nothing to do with pigs and is not native to Guinea. This animal comes from the Andes, United States.
  • Some say the name of this animal is taken from the shape of its head which is as large as its body, like a pig. Guinea pigs also spend most of their time eating, just like pigs. It also sounds like a pig.
  • Most guinea pigs are hairy, but there are also types of guinea pigs that are hairless.
  • Although the guinea pig looks like a guinea pig, it is not a guinea pig. The guinea pig is bigger than the guinea pig.
  • Adult male guinea pigs weigh around 600-1200 grams and females around 600-800 grams. While the length of the body can reach 20-25 cm.
  • Guinea pigs sleep only 15-20 minutes, but often. After waking up, he will immediately return to activities.
  • The age of the guinea pig can reach 7-8 years.
  • The female guinea pig is pregnant for approximately 68 days. She will give birth to about 2-3 baby guinea pigs. At most 4 tails.
  • Guinea pigs don’t live in holes. It lives above ground.
  • Guinea pigs are widely kept as pets. If we want to maintain it, we must take care of it with love, regularly feed it, regularly clean its cage, and treat it if it is sick.
  • Guinea pigs live in groups. He cannot live alone. If we want to keep it, preferably two or more in number.
  • Guinea pigs love to play with their friends. Usually, they like to play chase or run after friends in front of them. That’s funny!
  • Diseases that often suffer from these animals are usually diarrhea, bloating, and skin diseases caused by fungi or parasites.
  • When in a new environment, guinea pigs will sleep with their eyes open. That’s because of their nature that is always wary of the dangers of predators.

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