Do You Know? Sparrow, Not Afraid of Humans

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This little bird likes to live around us. Its chirping makes the atmosphere of the city more lively.

Likes to Nest in Buildings

Sparrows are not afraid of humans. They often perch and nest in buildings inhabited by humans. They make nests in ridges or holes in tall buildings. One of them is the church building. Maybe that’s why, the bird, whose scientific name is Passer mentanus, has earned the nickname sparrow.

Small Bird

The sparrow is small in size. Smaller than an adult’s grip. The length is only about 10 to 15 centimeters. The beak is also tiny. This bird is brown and gray. Its body looks fat.

The male and female sparrows are similar in shape. The female sparrow lays 5 to 6 eggs. These eggs hatch after being incubated for 10 to 12 days. Although all the eggs hatch, only 2 or 3 sparrow chicks usually grow to adulthood.

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Group Life

Sparrows eat seeds and small insects. Birds that live in groups are usually foraging in groups as well. When gathering for food, sparrows often chirp noisily.

You know, guys? The tweet was actually because they were fighting over food. Oh yes, there are people who deliberately record the chirping of a sparrow because of its cheerful voice.

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