Do You Know? Colorful Flowers which Blooming at 9 AM

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These colorful little flowers are known as 9 o’clock flowers. What are the unique?

  • This little flower blooms every 9 am. After blooming, this flower will wither in the afternoon.
  • This flower blooms due to the influence of sunlight. This flower reaches its peak bloom on a sunny day and closes on a cloudy day.
  • The scientific name Portulaca grandiflora is a succulent plant, which is a plant that has thick fleshy stems and leaves.
  • This flower comes from South America, especially Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. This flower is spread all over the world because it is easy to carry and grow.
  • The 9 o’clock flower can grow easily. Stems that are plugged into the ground will immediately take root and grow into new plants.
  • This flower also has fruit and seeds. The seeds that are planted can also grow into new plants.
  • Flower colors at 9 o’clock include red, pink, yellow, white, and orange. There are also flowers whose colors are a combination of several colors.
  • Besides being known as the 9 o’clock flower, this flower is also known as the moss rose because of its flower-like shape.
  • In some countries with subtropical climates, this flower blooms around 11 in the summer. In winter, this flower does not bloom.
  • Its beautiful color and easy maintenance make this flower often used as a garden flower on the side of the road.
  • This flower can grow well in areas with very hot heat and does not need much watering.
  • This easy-to-grow plant is also often considered a weed that interferes with other plants.
  • Besides being used as an ornamental plant, the 9 o’clock flower is also used as a traditional medicine to treat bruises, skin inflammations, and burns.

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