Do You Know? Mandarin Fish, the Poisonous Beauty

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This blue fish is very beautiful and attractive. However, be careful because this fish smells bad and is poisonous.

Similar to Chinese Noble Clothes

This mandarin fish actually has many colors and patterns. However, it is the brilliant blue color that is most famous. The brilliant blue color of this fish comes from the pigment cyanophores. Its skin looks like it reflects many colors.

This fish is nicknamed the mandarin fish because of its beautiful color similar to the clothes of the ancient Chinese nobles.

Coming from the Pacific Ocean

The mandarin fish originally lives in the warm Pacific Ocean. This fish lives not far from sea level.

This fish belonging to the synchiropus genus lives around coral reefs from the Ryukyu Islands in Japan to Australian waters. This fish is also found in Indonesian waters.

This fish, which is about 6 to 7 cm long, is active during the day. It feeds on small animals and other fish eggs. This fish can live up to 10 years in the open sea.

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No Scales

Fish that do not have scaly skin is coated with thick mucus. This poisonous mucus is to protect themselves from enemies who want to eat them. This mucus also smells bad. Therefore, these small fish are not for consumption.

These beautiful fish are often kept in special saltwater aquariums. The aquarium is usually equipped with coral, similar to the original living place.

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