Do You Know? Sausage Tree, Fruit Like Sausage

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From a distance, this tree is very shady and the shape of the fruit is unique. This tree is known as the sausage tree.

  • The sausage tree is a flowering plant that grows widely in Africa. This tree has the Latin name Kigelia africana.
  • Called the sausage tree because the shape of the fruit is like a sausage.
  • The fruit hangs. The shape is round and elongated. It is about 60 cm long with a diameter of about 18 cm. It can weigh up to 7 kilograms.
  • Ripe fruit is green in color, while ripe fruit is brown in color.
  • The fruit of the sausage tree has seeds in it. This fruit can not be eaten directly, because it contains poison. However, in Africa, the fruit can be processed for traditional medicine. The seeds in the fruit are also often eaten by wild animals.
  • Pollination of flowers on sausage trees is assisted by insects and bats.
  • This tree only bears fruit once a year, which is between August and November.
  • The height of the sausage tree is about 20 meters. This tree has branched branches and thick leaves.
  • Sausage trees are widely planted as ornamental trees, because of their unique fruit shape. However, if we want to plant this tree, it must be in a safe place, because the fruit can fall suddenly and can fall on people or vehicles under it.

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