Do You Know? Solothurn, The City of Eleven

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The city of Solothurn is a beautiful city filled with the number 11. Come on, let’s find out more about this unique city!

Beautiful Historical Building

The city of Solothurn is located in the southwestern part of Switzerland. More precisely, at the foot of Mount Weissenstein which is part of the Jura Mountains. The construction of the City of Solothurn began around the 16th century when Solothurn became the residence of the French ambassador to Switzerland.

At that time, the buildings were built with baroque-style architecture. Until now, the buildings are still standing tall and well-maintained. Solothurn even received the Wakker Prize for being able to maintain these beautiful buildings.

All Eleven

Another uniqueness of Solothurn is that this city is all 11. There are 11 museums, 11 fountains, and 11 chapels and churches in this city. There is also a clock that only shows the numbers 1 through 11. When the hour hand shows 11, the clock will strike 11 times.

Cathedral Church of St. Ursus which is an important building in Solothurn is also 11. It has a ceiling area of 3 x 11 meters. There are 3 stairs with 11 steps each. There are 11 altars in the church. The width of the bell tower is 6 x 11 meters and inside there are 11 bells. The church was also built in 11 years, namely from 1762 to 1773.

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Respect to Elf

All 11 in the city of Solothurn are not without reason. The figure is a tribute to the elves (creatures in European mythology). According to local legend, the elves from Mount Weissenstein often came to townspeople and cheered the hard-working citizens on. In German, elf means eleven.

Well, because there are many numbers 11 in Solothurn, tourists who come are often invited to join the 11 tours. In this tour, tourists will be invited to see all the buildings and items related to the number 11.

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