Do You Know? Different Types of Oil

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Friends, it turns out that there are many types of cooking oil. What oil is it? Come on, let’s find out!

Palm Oil

Palm oil is the most common oil used for cooking and frying various foods. Oh yes, palm oil is processed from oil palm seeds.

Coconut Oil

Of course, this oil is made from coconut. The manufacturing process is simple, namely coconut milk is taken, then heated to produce oil.

In the past, many people made their own coconut oil for household needs. Besides being used for cooking, coconut oil is also efficacious for fertilizing hair.

Corn Oil

Corn can also be made into oil. In the manufacturing process, the corn kernels are squeezed with a machine to remove the oil. Corn oil is heat resistant and does not burn easily when heated, so it is safe and good to use for frying.

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Sesame Oil

The oil produced from sesame seeds is slightly different from other oils. Sesame oil is usually used as an additional seasoning when cooking. The sweet smell makes the food more delicious.

Olive Oil

This oil is made from olives. Usually, olive oil is used to make salads. Shhh… this olive oil contains antioxidants that are useful for the health of the body.

Oh yes, there are several types of olive oil. Some can be used for cooking and some cannot be heated at all.

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