Do You Know? Little Shark with the Head of a Shovel

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This shark is only 1.5 meters long. Uniquely, the shape of his head is like a shovel.

Hammerhead Shark Relatives

The shovelhead shark (Sphyrna tiburo) is closely related to the hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran). However, hammerhead sharks are more widely known, because they are more often encountered. The hammerhead shark is also larger than the shovelhead shark. The hammerhead shark can reach 6 meters in length, while the shovelhead shark only reaches 1.5 meters.

Carnivores that Eat Grass

The shovelhead shark lives in warm shallow water. In his residence, there are many types of seagrass that grow on the bottom. Uniquely, scientists often find seagrass in the stomach of this small shark.

Yep, shovelhead sharks love to eat seagrass! Scientists were confused because this shark is actually a carnivore, aka a meat-eater.

Well, after research, it seems that this shovelhead shark accidentally eats seagrass. This is because the small fish that become their prey live near the seagrass. So, when preying on small fish, the seagrass is also eaten. Scientists suspect, there are microbes in the stomach of these shovelhead sharks, so they can digest the seagrass that is eaten.

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Not Harmful

The shovelhead shark is classified as a harmless shark. Unlike the great white shark, which likes to attack, the shovelhead shark is calmer. It only eats small fish. However, this shark’s teeth are sharp. If disturbed and we are not careful, this shovelhead shark can injure humans.

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