Do You Know? Butterfly Pea Flower, Natural Colored Flowers

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This bright blue flower, which is often used as an ornamental flower, turns out to be a natural dye.

Coming from Southeast Asia

The butterfly pea flower is known for its bright blue flowers. This vine was originally known as an ornamental plant. This flower, scientifically named Clitoria ternatea, comes from the tropics in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia and Malaysia.

Currently, this flower that can grow easily has spread throughout the world. This flower can grow well in tropical areas that are exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Legumes that Grow Vines

Butterfly pea flower is included in leguminous plants that grow vines. The stems can grow up to 5 meters. The butterfly pea flower is famous for its bright blue color. However, there are actually telling flowers that are pink and white.

Butterfly pea flower reproduces by seeds that are in pods. A pod contains 5 to 10 seeds.

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Natural Blue Dye

The bright blue color of the butterfly pea flower can be used as a natural food coloring. You do this by mixing dried butterfly pea flowers with food ingredients.

Oh yes, this dried butterfly pea flower can also be drunk like tea. The blue color of the butterfly pea flower in brewed water will turn purple when mixed with lime juice.

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