Do You Know? Sea Slug, Like Bright Colored “Slime”

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This sea slug is small in size. Its body was soft like slime and brightly colored. It loves to live on coral reefs to the bottom of the sea.

Pretty and Tiny

Sea slugs or Nudibranchia are mollusks (soft animals) dubbed as beautiful animals. Why? Because the body of this sea slug is beautifully colorful. In addition, on the back, there are various patterns. Some are streaky and some are speckled. The body length of the sea slug is about 0.6 cm to 30 cm. While his weight reached 1.4 kilograms.

Horns and Thorns

Sea slugs have two soft “horns” on their heads, called rhinophores. Rhinophores are used to detect touch, taste, and smell. It also has soft spines that grow on its back. These soft spines called cerata to serve to get rid of substances that are not needed by the body.

Well, the color of the soft spines of this sea slug comes from its food. Despite its attractive color, this animal is poisonous. The poison in sea slugs is in the soft spines. This poison is used to defend against enemy attacks.

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Clean Water

According to scientists, there are 3000 types of sea slugs in the world. Sea snails like to live in the sea where the water is clean, clear, and rich in oxygen.

Oh yes, sea slugs are a type of carnivorous animal. Its favorite foods are algae, sponges, soft corals, and hard corals. Sea snail food is available in areas with lots of coral reefs.

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