Do You Know? The Male Seahorse, Who Gives Birth to His Calves

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This sea animal whose head looks like a horse is a type of fish. However, the way to swim is not like other fish.

  • There are about 54 types of seahorses in the world.
  • Seahorse body size varies greatly. From 1.5 cm to 35 cm. The male seahorse is larger than the female.
  • Seahorses have 1 dorsal fin, small gills, a pair of pectoral, anal fins, and a tail.
  • Its favorite foods are plankton and small shrimp. Seahorse meal portions are very large. In a day, it can eat about 3000 plankton.
  • Uniquely, the male seahorse gave birth to his child.
  • The eggs of the female seahorse are stored in the pouch of the male seahorse for 14 – 28 days until finally, they hatch and the baby seahorses are born.
  • Unfortunately, only a few seahorses survive. Most of them die because they are eaten by predators, damaged marine habitats, or trapped in fishing nets.

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