Do You Know? Costa Rica, a Beautiful and Comfortable Country

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Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America. This country is known for its beautiful, comfortable, and happy people. Shhh… in this country there are no military troops.

  • The name Costa Rica comes from the Spanish word meaning “rich coast”. Why is it called that? Apart from having many beautiful beaches, Costa Rica also has fertile land and a region that contains gold.
  • The capital city of this country is called San Jose
  • Costa Rica is one of the countries rich in flora and fauna diversity. One of the many faunas found there are amphibians. There are approximately 175 types of amphibians that live there. Most of them are various types of frogs.
  • Oh yes, sloths, known as animals with the slowest body movements in the world, are also found there.
  • In Costa Rica, there are also 5 of the 7 types of sea turtles in the world.
  • One of Costa Rica’s mainstay crops is coffee. Costa Rican coffee is also one of the country’s main exports.
  • Want to know, what is the typical food of Costa Rica? Its name is Gallo pinto, which is a dish like fried rice mixed with peanuts and topped with various spices and vegetables.
  • Oh yes, since 1948, the country of Costa Rica has abolished the military because of bad experiences in the past, especially when the military was in power and there was a civil war. Costa Rica only has the police force

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