Do You Know? Hoya, the Candle Flower that Butterflies Love

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The name of this flower may not be as famous as orchid, rose, jasmine, or other flowers. However, its beauty makes this hoya flower a lot of fans.

  • Many people know hoya as a wax flower or porcelain flower. That’s because the surface is waxed and shiny like porcelain.
  • Hoya consists of hundreds of types. Each type has a different flower color. There are purple, white, pink, yellow, and many more.
  • In ancient times, this flower was kept by many nobles in Europe.
  • Hoya flower fragrance is very distinctive. Some smell like chocolate and peanut butter.
  • The shape of the flower is like a star and is covered with fine hairs. If it is in bloom, the flowers will be in clusters. Each cluster consists of 30 flowers.
  • Hoya grows by vines. If used as an ornamental plant, hoya is suitable to be planted in a hanging pot. If given support, it can spread up to 3 meters.
  • Hoya includes plants that are easy to grow in the shade.
  • Hoya can be propagated by grafting and cuttings.
  • Oh yeah, Hoya doesn’t like it if the soil where he lives is too wet or too dry. If you keep hoya at home, just water it once every 2 days!

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