Do You Know? Magic Vehicles in Fairy Tales

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There are many magical vehicles in legends and fairy tales. What kind of vehicle is that? Come on, let’s find out!

Magic Tapestry

Magic tapestry is carpets that will fly the passengers sitting on them to various places, even to hard-to-reach places. It is thought that magic tapestries were first mentioned in Persian legends around the 9th century.

Until now, magic tapestry has appeared in many legends. Among them, in the war stories of King Frahat II of the Parthian Empire, the stories of 1001 Nights, and even newer works of art such as the adventure stories of Asterix and Obelix.

Flying Broom

Since the 13th century, broomsticks have been synonymous with witches’ vehicles. According to legend, witches chose a broom as a vehicle because it was easy to disguise by placing it with other household items.

Now more recent works have developed the use of broomsticks. One of them is the story of Harry Potter who uses a broomstick for a Quidditch ball game.

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Skidbladnir Ship

Skidbladnir is a boat in Norse mythology. Although not the biggest ship, this ship is a ship of the best quality. Skibladnir’s ship belonged to God Freyr, the god associated with sunny weather. According to legend, the Skidbladnir ship always gets a good breeze when sailing. When not in use, the ship can be folded and put in a pocket.


The train is one of the most common vehicles in myth and legend. These chariots are usually drawn by various animals or mythological beasts. Some examples can be found in Greek mythology, such as the chariot of the Goddess Rhea drawn by the lion, the chariot of God Posseidon drawn by the sea lion, and the chariot of the Goddess Artemis drawn by the dear with golden horns.

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