Do You Know? Beautiful Secretary Bird

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The secretary bird is very graceful when walking. It is tall and has long legs. Its eyelashes are long and curly. The black crest on its head also adds to the beauty of this bird. Let’s see, the facts about this beautiful bird!

  • Secretary birds live in the savannas, prairies, and bushes of Africa.
  • Its body is about 1.5 meters high, weighs 4.7 kg, and its wingspan reaches 2 meters.
  • Although the secretary bird is good at flight, it rarely flies. It flies only to reach its nest in the tree or when it is attracting the attention of its mate.
  • This bird is more likely to walk than fly. It can cover a distance of 20-30 km per day. Apart from walking, it is also good at running.
  • The hallmark of this bird is its long legs. The top half of its legs is covered with black fur. So, this bird looks like wearing shorts.
  • The secretary bird has a black crest on its head. When the crest is expanding, it looks like a crown with swaying flowers.
  • This bird has long and curly eyelashes. The eyelashes will appear after the bird is 3 weeks old. The area around its eyes is orange like it’s wearing blush.
  • Shhh… although this secretary bird looks beautiful and elegant, it is a bird of prey. It is good at hunting snakes while walking or running.
  • Besides snakes, secretary birds also like to eat other reptiles, large insects, small mammals, and other birds.
  • Oh yeah, a pair of secretaries will make a nest together on an acacia tree. After the female bird lays 1-3 eggs, then hatches, the mother bird will take care of her young until they are 105 days old.
  • In the wild, secretary birds can live 10-15 years. While in the zoo, the age can reach 19 years.

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