Do You Know? Dragon’s Blood Tree

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The tree with the Latin name Dracaena cinnabari is more often called the dragon’s blood tree. Hii… why is it named like that yes?

Bloody Tree

This tree produces blood-red sap. The sap comes out of the injured stem. That sap is called dragon blood. This dragon blood is versatile. It can be used as medicine, dye, varnish, and fragrance.

Dragon’s blood has been used as medicine and dye since the 1st century by the Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Arabs. Then, around the 18th century, it was used as a varnish for violins in Italy. Today dragon blood is still used as violin varnish and is used in photographic processes.

Umbrella Tree

Pay attention to the shape of this tree! Like an umbrella yes? This shape helps it live in dry places. The dense collection of branches and leaves at the top of the tree reduces evaporation and shade the roots.

The leaves are sword-shaped, hard, and clustered at the top of the tree. The length of each leaf is 60 cm, while the width is 3 cm. This tree grows very slowly, only about 1 meter every ten years. However, trees that grow in this dry area can last more than 650 years!

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Socotra Original Tree

Dragon’s blood tree is a tree typical of the Socotra Islands, Yemen. The Socotra Islands are even famous for producing dragon blood. Due to the uniqueness of this dragon blood tree, the Socotra Islands are designated as a world heritage site. The dragon blood tree also gets special attention to be protected so that it always benefits other living things.

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