Do You Know? Giant Lotus, The Strong Beauty

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The giant lotus is a plant that lives in freshwaters such as lakes and swamps. The flowers are beautiful but only bloom for 2 days.

From South America

The giant lotus or Victoria amazonica is a flowering plant in the water lily family Nymphaeaceae. This plant comes from South America and grows along the Amazon river. The lotus is also known as the national flower of Guyana.

This plant is named Victoria amazonica because it wants to honor the Queen of England named Victoria. The name amazonica comes from where this giant lotus was found, namely in the Amazon river.

Stalk Lenght is 7 Meters

The giant lotus has a stalk that reaches 7 meters in length. The stem comes from roots at the bottom of a pond or swamp. Place the stalk in the middle of the leaf.

Giant Lotus can grow well in calm water, and fertile mud, and get sunlight. If these plants don’t get enough sunlight, these plants can die.

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The Biggest Lotus in the World

Each giant lotus plant has 5-7 leaves. The leaves are round or oval in shape. The upper part of the leaf is green and the underside is maroon. The surface of the leaves does not contain a layer of wax so the water that falls on the surface of the leaves does not form water droplets.

Shhh… this lotus is one of the plants with the widest leaves in the world. You see, the diameter of the leaves reaches 3 meters! Not only that, but this plant is also strong. The leaves are able to withstand loads of up to 10 kilograms or the weight of our 4-year-old sister. Wow! No wonder, if this plant is called the largest lotus in the world.

The Flowers Change Color

Usually, giant lotuses flower in July or August. The giant lotus flower blooms at night. The diameter of the flowers reaches 40 cm. The duration of bloom is only 2 days. At first, the flowers are white. Then, on the second day, it turned pink. After that, the flowers will wither.

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