Do You Know? Hornbills, that Long-lived

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This tropical forest-dwelling bird has many unique features. What’s unique about it yes?

  • Birds from the Bucerotidae tribe mostly live in Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Hornbills can be easily recognized by the shape of their large and brightly colored heads and beaks.
  • The function of the beak in hornbills is to fight, comb wings, catch prey, and find and build nests.
  • Although it looks heavy, the hornbill’s head is made of fairly light horn material.
  • In addition to the beak, there is a distinctive feature at the top of the beak, namely the comb in the form of a bulge whose inside is empty.
  • This bird lives in the upper part of the forest called the forest canopy. As it flies from tree to tree, this bird spreads its wide wings.
  • The hornbills eat the fruit and share the seeds in the various corners of the forest.
  • Hornbills are long-lived birds. This bird can live 35 to 40 years in the wild.
  • This hornbill is known to be loyal. Hornbills only have 1 partner in their life. A hornbill whose partner has died will not look for a new mate.
  • The mother hornbill lays 1 to 6 eggs. The eggs are white and oval in shape.
  • Hornbills incubate their eggs in a hole in a tree which is mostly covered by dry mud. There is only a small hole visible from the outside.
  • When the female bird incubates the eggs, the male bird will explore the forest looking for food. The male bird then gives it to the female bird who is incubating the eggs.

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