Do You Know? Neelakurinji, Blooms Every 12 Years

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This beautiful purplish-blue flower only blooms every 12 years. What flower is this?

  • The neelakurinji flower, also known as kurinji, only grows in the meadows known as the Munnar Valley. This valley belongs to the Idukki District, Kerala, India.
  • The scientific name Strobilanthes kunthiana flower was first discovered near the Kunthi River. The place of his discovery was used as his scientific name.
  • Neelakurinji flowers begin to bloom from August to November. The blooming of this flower reaches its peak in October.
  • When just blooming, this flower is light blue. Then, it turns bluish-purple or indigo as it ages. Neelakurinji flowers bloom simultaneously in large numbers. This blooming neelakurinji flower covers the entire valley with its purplish-blue color.
  • The last neelakurinji flower bloomed in 2018. The next blooming season will occur in 2030.
  • The blooming of the neelakurinji flowers invites many people to come and witness this rare event firsthand. The inn around the place where the neelakurinji flowers bloom is filled with visitors.
  • Plants that bloom for a long period such as neelakurinji flowers are called plietesials.

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