Do You Know? Prairie Dog, Rodents That Can Barking

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Actually, these animals include rodents. However, this animal is called the prairie dog. What’s the reason?

  • The prairie dog (Cynomys) is a rodent that lives in various prairies in North America.
  • The food is plants, fruit, seeds, and several types of insects. In winter, the prairie dog’s mother will eat snow for additional water.
  • This animal is called a prairie dog because when a predator approaches, it sounds like a dog barking.
  • The warning sound or barking that prairie dogs make is different for each type of predator. For example, the sound of barking when there is a snake is different from when there is a wolf or a human.
  • Even though they are only the size of a rabbit, dogs on grass have strong claws, and sharp teeth, and are able to move very quickly.
  • Prairie dogs are also known to be very brave. They dare to fight when there are predators or intruders.
  • Prairie dogs live in large groups of 15 to 26 families.
  • To communicate with family members, prairie dogs communicate by sticking their noses together.
  • Groups of dogs on grass occupy a land area of up to 1 hectare. Therefore, where prairie dogs live is often called a ‘city’.
  • The prairie dog town lies in underground burrows. Uniquely, they have special burrows for babies, rest, winter, and even to spy on predators.
  • Oh yes, it turns out that the burrows made by prairie dogs are also used by other animals such as snakes, owls, and ferrets for shelter.

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