Do You Know? Bowerbird, The Nest Architect

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Bowerbird’s nest is famous for being beautiful and different from other bird’s nests.

  • In the world, there are 20 types of bowerbirds. Most of them are endemic to Papua New Guinea. However, there are also found in Australia and Papua.
  • The color of the feathers of the bowerbirds is very diverse. There are green, orange, red, yellow, brown, gray, white, and even black.
  • Bowerbirds live in rainforests, acacia forests, and shrubs.
  • Its favorite foods are fruits, flowers, and nectar. When newly hatched, the bowerbird eats insects.
  • The size of the bowerbirds varies, depending on the type. Length from 22 cm to 40 cm.
  • Birds of prey can make a variety of sounds, such as hissing, screaming, and voices that sound like chatter. It can also imitate the sounds of other birds and human voices.
  • Male bowerbirds are good at building beautiful nests to attract the attention of females.
  • This bird makes a nest by arranging twigs and leaves. The nest was then decorated with various items they found, such as flowers, feathers, and even plastic waste and bottle caps.
  • Uniquely, the satin bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus) decorates its nest only with bright blue items.
  • Bowerbirds are also good at dancing. This bird will flap its wings, step back and forth, and sing sweetly. The dance is also performed by the male bowerbird to attract the attention of the female bowerbird.

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