Do You Know? Kinkajou, Often Called Sun Bear

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This animal is called a kinkajou but is often called a sun bear. It likes to live in trees. Take a look at the shape. Does it look like a bear, a raccoon, or a primate? Well, instead of guessing, let’s just get to know it more closely!

  • Kinkajou (Potos flavus sp) is an animal native to Central America and South America. The kinkajou is found in tropical rain forests around Mexico to Brazil.
  • Although they may look like sun bears or monkeys at first glance, kinkajou actually belongs to the raccoon family.
  • Kinkajou has a unique voice and is quite noisy. Sometimes it sounds like a scream or cry.
  • Kinkajou’s body length is about 40-60 cm and weighs 1.5 kg to 4.5 kg only. The whole body is covered with thick gray or light brown fur.
  • The kinkajou is good at hanging from trees using its legs and tail.
  • Why is the kinkajou often called a sun bear? Because kinkajou likes to hunt and eat honey from bee hives.
  • Oh yeah, this kinkajou’s tongue is long. Approx. 13 cm. One of its uses is to lick honey from beehives.
  • When viewed from the structure of its teeth, kinkajou includes carnivores. It has sharp canine teeth. However, in their habitat, the kinkajou likes to eat anything, such as fruit, plants, insects, eggs, frogs, and flowers.

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