Do You Know? Night-blooming Jasmine, the Fragrance at Night

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This ornamental plant blooms and spreads its fragrance at night.

  • The Latin name for the night-blooming jasmine plant is Cestrum nocturnum L. It is called cestrum because of its pointed shape. Called nocturnum because it smells good at night.
  • In the past, night-blooming jasmine grew a lot in the Americas. It is said that the explorer Christopher Columbus brought this plant to various regions in the 15th century. Now, night-blooming jasmine is widely grown outside the Americas.
  • Night-blooming jasmine thrives in tropical climates. The height can be about 4 meters. The length of the leaves is about 5-20 cm.
  • Glossy green jasmine night-blooming leaf color. The leaves smell bad when crushed.
  • The shape of the flower is pointed. The color is greenish white.
  • The fruit is green. It is about 10 millimeters long and 3 millimeters in diameter.
  • The scent of the flowers is very fragrant. When peacock, the fragrance can be smelled up to 90 meters from the location of the plant.
  • Night-blooming jasmine is a shrubby plant. It can thrive when exposed to sunlight.
  • The fragrance of the flowers can repel insects such as mosquitoes.
  • The nectar of flowers is favored by flower pollinators, such as butterflies and moths.
  • Some parts of night-blooming jasmine are poisonous. Therefore, this plant is not for consumption.

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