Do You Know? Black Apple, A Rare Fruit that is Expensive

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Usually, apples are red or green. However, it turns out there are also black apples.

  • Black apples only grow in the highlands of the Tibetan mountains and in the territory of China.
  • In fact, black apples are not really black, they are dark purple.
  • While the red flesh of the black apple is slightly faded.
  • The cultivation of black apples has been around since 2015. These apples are grown in the orchard of Nying Chi, Tibet, at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level.
  • Because of their color, black apples are a rare fruit. Getting it is not easy. In China, these apples are only available in supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Sheichen.
  • Because it is a rare fruit, black apples sell for 50 yuan per fruit.
  • Black apples are still the same type as Hua Niu apples or Chinese Red Delicious.
  • Despite their dark color, black apples are sweeter than other types of apples.
  • In addition to Tibet and China, it turns out that in New Zealand there are also black apples. The price is also very expensive.
  • Black apples don’t grow all the time and everywhere. Because to grow black apples takes up to 8 years. In addition, only 30% success of the fruit is perfectly black.

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