Do You Know? Tuberose flower, Blooming at Night

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The flower color is white, the stem is green. Besides being famous for their fragrance, tuberose flowers are also not easy to wither. But why bloom only at night?

  • Tuberose flower has the Latin name Polianthes tuberosa Linn. The name tuberosa indicates that this plant has tubers.
  • The tuberose flower originates from Mexico. There are currently 12 types of tuberose from the Polianthes family.
  • The height of this plant is 45 cm. The flower clumps are white. The leaves are long and light green in clusters at the base of the stem.
  • Tuberose flowers bloom at night when there is no light. Tuberose flower cells will move when there is no light. The movement of plants that are influenced by dark conditions is called scototropism.
  • Tuberose flowers will smell better at night. Because, when this flower blooms, the essential oil contained in this flower will evaporate and spread a distinctive fragrance.
  • The tuberose flower has many names. The Aztecs know it by the name Omixochitl or bone flower. In eastern India, it is called Ratkirani, which means queen of the night. In Singapore, this flower is called Xinxiao, which means a place for moths to perch.
  • In Hawaii and Indonesia, tuberose flowers are commonly used for weddings. Whereas in Victorian times, this flower was used at funerals.
  • Besides being used as an ornamental flower, tuberose flower oil is used to make perfume. This flower can also treat complaints of insomnia, influenza, reduce fever, swelling, and rheumatism.

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